Bring Out the Book

All too often, we don’t want to read God’s word because we read it as a to do list. We are quick to find the imperative without the indicative of God’s word. In Psalm 19:7 David cries out that the law of the Lord is perfect, reviving to the soul. Later in verse 10 he goes on to say that the word is to be more desired than gold and sweeter than honey. God’s word revives us! It is a delight to dig deeply and drink the rich, bountiful cup of God’s word! 

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Hope Francis
Spirit Controlled Self–Control

Self-control, why do we struggle here so much? Why is it so hard to say no to our flesh and passions? This is without a doubt something that every one of us struggles with on some level. Whether it is overeating, lack of exercise, over spending, lust, attention, running, body image, or any other craving, we all have something that we run towards to find satisfaction outside of God.

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Brian Evans
Assuming the Gospel

Sometimes, I wish it weren’t so.  I wish I was perfect, never having any faults.  Right now, at this very moment I can name a myriad of areas in my life where I have fallen short.  Areas I wish I were different in, better at or more knowledgeable about.  And sadly one of the areas I continually fall short is keeping the main thing the main thing.  Even as a full time college minister the main thing, Christ and the cross, does not stay central in my heart and life.

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Russ PorterThe Gospel
Prayer: The Heart of Support Raising

I am on staff with Campus Outreach at MTSU, and in my first couple of years on campus there I made major requests to God. We had just left a thriving campus ministry at another campus and we thought that we were the answer to all the problems at MTSU. We scribbled down some huge trust-God’s and got to work. I adopted the not-so-biblical thinking that I should put the ministry on my back and will my way to ministry success. After some time, many of our requests were not answered and I was exhausted. I often found myself wondering, “God, are you in this?” It wasn’t until I read Power Through Prayer by E.M. Bounds that I realized God wasn’t the problem; instead the problem was my theology and prayer life. I believed that God was powerful, but my actions were saying “I’m powerful.” 

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Jake Peterman
Running the Race

As Christians we have this unbelievable opportunity to join in God's mission and actually run the race rather than be a spectator. God has chosen us not only to participate in the celebration but to be part of the race.  So, will you take part by being a laborer or will you sit back and watch as others do it? 

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Hillary Walters
Glorify God by Knowing Him & Making Him Known

In today's Christian subculture it's not hard to find a million articles, books, sermons, blog posts, tweets, or videos that give you 10 more tips on how to be a good Christian. There are thousands of great causes, which are written about and recruited towards. There are the endless theological hot topics that are debated in the "comments" section of the blogosphere. There are sermon jams (where the audio from a sermon is paired with emotional music), which that plug strum on your heartstrings and leave you feeling "fired up." So why, in the midst of all of this, do I submit yet another post into the already information -overloaded -American -Christian -subculture? Why do I ironically use the very same medium that I criticize? Because I want to communicate something that will cut through the foggy confusion of peripheral issues. I want to give you a clear and simple explanation of what your Christian life is supposed to be all about.

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Taylor Tollison