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Life Management

Making Plans

Do my plans reflect that growing in righteousness and contributing to God’s kingdom are of first priority?  Will my environment help protect me from temptation and the flesh? Or could it actually contribute to my temptations? What are my temptations?   Am I holding on to a commitment that isn’t the best for me spiritually?

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Corinthian Grid

God is a God of Truth and clarity. He is definitely not a gray God and does not want His children to fall to deceit through unclarity. That is why He gives us His written word from which we can discover unchanging principles on which we can structure our lives.

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Building Convictions

Your lifestyle and decisions give away your true convictions, not your good intentions. This tool will help you build convictions on the solid rock of God's word, not on sinking sand.

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The Basis for Goal Setting

If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time- New Year’s resolutions.  The beginning of the semester vow to attend all classes.  The diet that starts tomorrow.  All of these are examples of goals we set for ourselves.  Everyone sets goals in one form or the other.  Most goals are merely pleasant, ambitious thoughts or dreams.  The difference in a goal and a dream is accomplishment.  Therefore, we must set goals with an intention and commitment to accomplish them.  

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The Art Of Self Leadership


Imagine a compass north, south, east, and west. Almost every time the word leadership is mentioned, in what direction do leaders instinctively think? South. Say the word leadership and most leaders' minds migrate to the people who are under their care. At leadership conferences, people generally think, "I'm going to learn how to improve my ability to lead the people God has entrusted to me." South. It's a leader's first instinct. But many people don't realize that to lead well, you need to be able to lead in all directions north, south, east and west.

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