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Building laborers on the campus for the lost world



What is Mobilization?


Our vision is to see students reached on the campus and sent into the world as ambassadors of Christ.

Mobilization is the process of preparing and deploying students for post-college faithfulness and impact in God's kingdom. We desire to see every student involved in the ministry mobilized intentionally from the campus. Some will go into the 10/40 window, some will serve in the inner city, some will make disciples in the marketplace, their families, and many other places.

Regardless of occupation or context, we desire that all graduates would live out their Christian calling: to know God and make Him known.




Finish college well,
launch into the world well.


We want to help you mobilize from the campus well. Collecting this information allows the Campus Outreach staff to know how we can better help you during your transition. Having your contact information allows us to keep you informed of upcoming events, and resourced throughout the school year. We promise not to spam you with unwanted communication.

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Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

How could God use my life after college? What challenges will I face after graduation? How do I know what God is calling me to after college? What specific opportunities are there for me after college? What will it take to have a thriving walk with Christ after college? What are my next steps as I think about transitioning from the campus? What does it look like to live out the Great Commission beyond the campus?

These are exactly the issues we address at the annual Campus Outreach Laborers Retreat. The Retreat is a great opportunity to learn about laboring in the harvest for a lifetime. At the conference you will hear from Campus Outreach staff, church leaders, Campus Outreach alumni (from the workplace, inner-city ministry, foreign missions) on various topics relevant to an effective transition from the campus.



September 28 - 29, 2018



$20.00 registration fee for seniors & 2nd semester juniors



Second Presbyterian Church
4055 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111





A Few Practical Tips
About Mobilizing Well.





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Foundations For Life - This workbook has been designed to be a helpful mobilization tool, providing you with perspective and resources and preparing you to make this crucial transition.
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