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The Global Thread Through Scripture

Aspects of Christ's global cause can be found in every book of the Bible. Read straight through the passages listed here in one sitting. Watch how this grand theme weaves its way from Genesis to Revelation. Watch how the theme comes through, however, in a way that is compatible with each book and with that books' place in the unfolding of Gods' revelation on the cause.

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Tyranny of the Immediate: another view of Acts 1:8


The word about Jesus' return moved them because they knew they had a part to play in God's big plan for the entire world. They had the next step clearly in mind. They probably didn't understand too much of what Jesus meant about the "ends of the earth," but they bravely returned to the city instead of going home. And the world was never the same.

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Genesis to Revelation: God's heart for the world


As Christians, it is vital that we see the world as He sees it. Let's look at the Bible in light of God's heart for the world, and we will see that from Genesis to the Revelation He is beckoning you and I and all of His people to join Him in bringing every people group to His throne.

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