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Are You Tentmaking or Just Camping Out?


Tentmakers quickly discover that they cannot have a significant impact on the lives of everyone in the country, or even their workplace. After a few months of trying to relate to every person equally, I came to realize I could not gain the credibility to share openly with any of them without first investing considerable time and effort in their lives. I had to choose to invest in people with whom I could interact regularly and who seemed to be open to the gospel. Once I did this, I began to find more and more opportunities to share my faith.

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Out of the Papermill into the Pew


For a considerable number of graduates who were converted through a campus ministry, active involvement in a local church is a new experience. For them, the awkwardness of the transition may be particularly acute. But even those who have enjoyed the benefits of a solid church life prior to their campus experience often find reentry difficult.

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If I Could Live My Life Over


But the Bible is history, and it tells not only of successes but also of failures by individuals and by nations—failures that teach us lessons. We are to learn from the past.  So if I can tell you in a positive, constructive way about my own mistakes and failures, and thereby warn and challenge you not to repeat them, this article will be a valid venture. If I can help just one other person avoid one of my pitfalls, then I rejoice.

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Foundations for Life

The transition from the campus culture to the community culture is a unique challenge that students often face with much stress, limited preparation, and an incomplete perspective. The Foundations For Life workbook has been designed to be a helpful “mobilization” tool, providing you with perspective and resources and preparing you to make this crucial transition.

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